He'll hit, you until that day comes



Screaming, from the depths of helplessness, makes us free, gives us back our wings - I say so.

Screaming out of horror knowing, we are right in the eyes of a coward's sight, the man who swore to protect us and broke 'willingly
and intentionally' our voice. We know how difficult it is to get up with broken teeth, finding the guttural roar to get rid of the rage that dwells within. To lift our honor, not to break in half; Finding ourselves in loss, the lifted word, the lost letters, in art that heals the bruises of the soul and fills, once again, our lungs. That's a luxury no one can deprive us of, the intimate space where we are safe from manipulation and narcissism.

The men who promised to love us, relegate who we are, delay our escape, block our path from the light. But only until we know where our strength comes from, when the cracked voice that awaits to spring from within us, comes out as a cascade of love. When the time comes to take off, after abuse and disrespect, away from tears of pain and control, only then no fist will ever weaken us, no one will intimidate a woman who loves herself and knows, she's got her own. No man will stop the seeds of hope from spreading in the wind, where he tried to plant fear and desolation.

That's why it is so important to rise up, even with your
broken legs, with the noise in your heart that shackles, for giving too much of yourself to damn pigs, out of love. For this reason, more paths have emerged before you, far away from toxicity, from damage and ignorance that stole your broken inner girl's dreams away. You have to heal from within. You must cling to life like air, in order to face the one who will only use strength, until your courage gains intelligence.

Women, let us raise our battle scream and take our honor back! Let us regain what has been taken from us, unjustly
and by force: the certainty of knowing we deserve better, that we are ENOUGH. Let's open the doors to run away from those who slow down our progress, steal our joy and break our hearts daily to feel themselves more men.

This is time for protesting. This is the exodus of our voice!

Jael Uribe

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